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jueves, diciembre 23, 2004

Papá Noel y la caja registradora

Sub shop robbed by bad Santa


Everybody knows Santa Claus spreads holiday cheer, brings presents to deserving kids and eats a plate full of cookies.

Apparently, the bearded one that appeared at Shelton's Subway on Howe Avenue Sunday night was a mutant Claus, who robbed the shop. Given the time of year, nobody thinks twice when a 6-foot-tall, imposing man in a Santa hat and a long white beard walks into a store. You expect kids to pony up, sit on his lap and tell him all that they want for Christmas.

That's not what happened just before 7 p.m. Sunday inside the sub shop.

Rather than hauling a sack of gifts, this Santa Claus rushed the cash register, yanked out a hidden gun and told the two sandwich workers to turn over everything inside, Shelton Lt. George Rodrigues said.

"It all happened very quickly. It was a couple of minutes. He came through the front door, rushed the register and told them: 'Open the drawer and no one will get hurt.' "

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